2017 Legislative Session

LEGISLATIVE UPDATE ON SB 547: CCEA “carve out” bill

ESEA President, Virginia M. Mills testified to improve SB 547 – described by legislators as a “carve out bill for teachers” that would have “sealed off” funds from CCSD support staff even though those funds were already dedicated to CCSD.

For those reasons, ESEA took the position to only support the legislation, if equal funding would be set aside for the 12,000 support staff. Our sister union, CCEA never approached ESEA nor the state affiliate NSEA to collaborate on this bill. The bill ultimately failed but the good news is those funds are still available at CCSD for each bargaining unit to negotiate over.

ESEA president, Virginia M. Mills said, “This bill would have “walled off” money at our expense and that was unfair to the 12,000 CCSD support staff.”

Additionally, ESEA made a strong push for more education funding and we won with the passage of SB 178, the weighted funding formula. This law will now generate an additional $72 million for low proficient students with the greatest needs.

ESEA President Testifying on Senate Bill 547

ESEA President Virginia M. Mills testifying on SB547 June 1, 2017 on behalf of Education Support Professionals asking legislators to remember that ESPs are part of CCSD and deserve respect and support!

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