Education Support Employees Association
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ESEA Executive Board Meetings

 Held the second Wednesday of each month at ESEA. They begin at 1:00pm

Representative Council Meetings

 Held the second Wednesday of each month at ESEA. They begin at 5:30pm
CCSD Board of Trustee Meetings
CCSD Board of Trustee Meeting dates

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Association Representative Training
ESEA provides training for members that want to learn more about being a representative in our union. Please watch for training dates.

Come learn about member advocacy, organizing, the importance of collective bargaining, the effects of unity, strength, power.

ESEA will provide training that will be important in the role of union representation. Come participate and learn how to advocate for your rights in the workplace.
Building Reps / Association Reps Needed
Please contact ESEA if you are willing to serve as a Building Representative or an Association Representative at your site.

ESEA is working hard to provide the most efficient and effective service possible to our members. We are hopeful we can get a representative at every worksite to get important and beneficial information to our members at every site in a timely manner. 

Call  702-794-2537 TODAY to volunteer!!!
ESEA is looking for dedicated and committed members to help us in our organizing efforts. If you are interested in helping ESEA grow strong, please contact ESEA at 702-794-2537 to increase our: 

Unity - Strength - Power!