ESEA is asking each of its members to work to the contract that we have bargained with the District on your behalf.

ESEA believes that when determining the necessity of a Reduction-in-Force (RIF) the District must have accurate data such as that regarding the number of hours its employees need to complete the tasks they are required to do.

When working to the contract an employee:

Performs his/her duties to the best of his/her ability within his/her assigned hours

Is on time ready to work and on time leaving from work

Takes the breaks bargained for by ESEA, including lunches and/or 15 minute breaks per Article 9 and Article 21-5


ESEA knows that when an employee neglects breaks and performs duties after his/her assigned hours, the district believes the job can be done in a certain number of hours when it actually takes a higher number of hours to do the job.

This is not beneficial to the district, employees, or students.

ESEA understands that most of the outstanding CCSD employees are extremely conscientious and may feel that if they opt to take breaks, certain tasks might go undone thereby placing  an employee in jeopardy of discipline by Supervisors.

This idea could not be further from the truth. If CCSD did not want you to take a break they wouldn’t have agreed with ESEA to employees having breaks. 


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