re: Article 11-5 Sick Leave Pool

During the month of April, support staff may enroll in or make additional contributions to the ESEA Article 11-5 Sick Leave Pool.  Your participation in the Sick Leave Pool is greatly appreciated.

To enroll in or make additional contributions to the sick leave pool, you must contribute one (1) sick leave day equal to the number of your assigned hours.  You may only contribute if you leave yourself at least six (6) sick leave days.

Due to the District’s closure, the enrollment/contribution form for the Sick Leave Pool can now be scanned or photographed and emailed to (  Please use your District Google email.  Personal email will not get to us, and we will not receive your enrollment form.

Please be sure your name is printed clearly, and the last four digits of your social security number is also clear.

If you wish to enroll/donate and are unable to print/scan the enrollment form, reply to and a request will be provided via email.

Your generosity is greatly appreciated.  Thank you.