Complimentary Life Insurance


There are a plethora of complimentary life insurances offered to ESEA members. Take a look at a few…

NEA Members Insurance Trust

NEA Members Insurance Trust

It’s not for you, it’s for those you leave behind. Have you ever thought of what your family would do without you? You work hard to take care of your family, why not make sure they are always taken care of?

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American Income Life

American Income Life

American Income Life Insurance Company has a long history and rich tradition of partnering with the working family community: through national and local leaders, advocating for key issues and campaigns, and investing in a public agenda that reflects the core values of importance to all working people.

Building on our solid foundation of providing supplemental benefits to working families, it is with great pride that AIL serves our customers by building long-term relationships and providing coverage for times that are most difficult in life. American Income Life rejoices as we continue our "personal touch" tradition not often found in the insurance industry today - meeting with our patrons in the place they are most comfortable... their home.

(866) 797-6455 (Office)
(320) 215-1531 (Fax)

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  1. I’m a current CCSD employee would like to know more information, in regards of the Complimentary Life Insurance.

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