ESEA and Teamsters 14 Statement on Possible Layoffs


(Las Vegas, NV) — On November 19, 2020, the CCSD Board of Trustees discussed a request made by Trustee Garvey that would result in the layoff of 1,480 Education Support Professionals. 

“It’s absolutely shameful that Trustee Garvey’s proposal comes just a day after Education Support Professionals Day was celebrated, and a week before Thanksgiving,” said Jan Giles, President of the Education Support Employees Association. “Trustee Garvey is a lame duck, and on her way out, she’s determined to scorch the earth behind her for over 1400 Education Support Professionals. She should be ashamed.” 

Trustee Garvey is under the misconception that education support professionals are not working enough or at all due to telecommuting. “Thankfully, Trustee Garvey is a single vote, and her action on the way out the door is nothing short of unconscionable, given the escalating challenges each day,” said Fred Horvath, Secretary Treasurer of Teamsters Local 14. “ESEA and Teamsters Local 14 are prepared to meet with the District at any time on any day to begin negotiations that will address today’s issues and protect hard working employees and their families from the misguided perception Trustee Garvey has of our members.” 

This approach is completely misguided and uninformed, as Education Support Professionals have been back in our buildings for months, performing essential work for the District. ESP’s are working for their paychecks every day, as there is not a single ESP that is not currently working. If Trustee Garvey disagrees with that fact, she has certainly made no effort to retrain or move employees under a MOA that was never signed.

These cuts will be on the backs of essential ESPs, and will overwhelmingly impact our minority community.  We will note that the research conducted on Trustee Garvey’s request did not list a single Administrator or anyone making over $100,000 per year. Instead, the employees that make as little as $12.90 per hour are the employees listed as potential cuts. 

The work ESP’s do is necessary for a functioning District and such work will continue regardless of whether distance education continues for the remainder of the school year or another model is implemented. Education Support Professionals are always essential, not just when individuals like Trustee Garvey need politically convenient talking points.

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