July 30, 2020


ESEA is extremely disappointed in the letter sent out by Superintendent Jara this morning.

In the beginning of his letter, he mentions that the story of 2020 would include stories about “teachers on the front lines” and the “accounts of parents rolling up their sleeves” but he neglects to mention the essential role that education support professionals have in the 2020 story.

The story of 2020 includes our food service workers handing out over 4 million meals to hungry kids.

The story of 2020 includes our custodians cleaning every classroom and building to ensure a safe and healthy learning environment.

The story of 2020 includes our skilled workers working to ensure our school buildings (including the building Superintendent Jara works in) are safe.

The story of 2020 includes tragically losing members to COVID-19.

Throughout Clark County, education support professionals provide vital services to the children in the public education system. We are at the heart of our students’ learning, as we perform a wide range of essential work, including child nutrition services, instructional assistance and para-educator services, maintenance and operations, education office services, student transportation, and more.

The story of 2020 includes how essential ESP’s have been and will continue to be during these challenging times. It is incredibly disappointing that Dr. Jara’s "story of 2020" ignores the essential work ESP's do for our district and community.

Jan Giles
ESEA Interim President

PDF of this letter may be found here: http://www.esea-nv.org/wp-content/uploads/7.30.20-response-letter-1.pdf