Message From President, Virginia M. Mills

President, Virginia M. MillsI hope this summer season has brought you joy and celebration!

A full year has passed since I was elected to serve as your ESEA president and so much has been accomplished. I am excited to share several of this year’s achievements and update you on the future of ESEA!

Contract Update:

Throughout the year, ESEA secured:

  • 2.225% pay increases for all.
  • More money paid by CCSD into your health insurance.
  • Stopped a 17% increase to our health insurance premiums.
  • ESEA won the Post Probation Arbitration, this means a potential $8 million award for our members

Currently, we are in contract negotiations with CCSD. ESEA is fighting for:

  • Maintaining and increasing pay steps
  • Increasing pay with Cost of Living raises
  • More money paid by CCSD into your health insurance

Legislative Victories


Progressive Student Discipline is an additional tool to create a safe school environment by strengthening and extending progressive student discipline to other school facilities and transportation.

What this means for members: This bill will help keep both students and support professionals safe and will require each school to have a plan for student discipline and temporary alternatives.


School Bus Leases allows school districts to lease school buses.
What this means for members:
This bill will allow for additional job opportunities for CCSD aides and bus drivers!


Weighted Funding Formula will provide our public education system an additional $72 million for all 1 and 2 star schools providing $1,200 per student who is low income or ELL and scoring in the bottom quartile.
What this means for members:
This bill provides additional funding for 1 and 2 star schools, helping support professionals who work directly with students by providing additional funding and opportunities.


Education Saving Accounts (Vouchers) would have taken tens of millions of dollars from public education to be diverted to private schools. ESA private school vouchers are dead – no public money will go to private schools.
What this means for members:
This bill would have taken money, and jobs, from our public schools. By blocking this bill, we kept public money in public schools to continue to build a stronger education system in Nevada.

School Organizational Teams

Were created by AB394 and Regulation 142-16 in CCSD to localize authority to the schools

School Organizational Team Members will:

  • Aid the school’s principal when developing and carrying out the plan of operation.
  • Assist in discussing how schools will carry out additional responsibilities and authorities transferred from CCSD.
  • Help select the next principal when a vacancy occurs.

Look For More Information On SOTs

We need members like you to participate on these teams to make sure your school runs smoothly. Electronic elections will be held in early September. You will be receiving more details on the election process, trainings, and how to get involved.

I also want to personally thank you for your investment in your union, school, and community. Your continued support and positive encouragement to our students of the Clark County School District is essential in building a stronger society. Their Success is Our Success.

In Solidarity,

Virginia M. Mills