Reasons to Belong


1. Your Voice for Rights

ESEA fights for fair treatment of Education Support Professionals (ESP). We know employment laws and district policies because we deal with them every day. If our members have a question about their rights, a call to the ESE office is all it takes.

2. Your Voice in Bargaining

Employee salaries and benefits don’t just appear – they are negotiated. ESEA works diligently to improve the working conditions of all ESP. Throughout the years we have successfully obtained these types of benefits for employees: Salary Increases, Insurance Coverage, Vacation Benefits, Sick Leave, Personal Leave, Bereavement Leave, Sick Leave Pool, and Retirement Benefits.

3. Your Voice in Due Process

Due process includes the right to know and rebut allegations and evidence against you, the right to present your case, and the right to a fair hearing. ESEA members faced with discipline/investigatory meetings or a hearing can call on an ESEA UniServ Director to stand by to assist them and represent them through the process.

4. Your Work-related Legal Voice

ESEA provides all members with free job-related legal services. For school employees, legal problems can arise whether you’re doing your job right or wrong. Sometimes, employers overstep their legal bounds in dealing with their employees. In either case, ESEA will be there to help represent your interest at no cost to you – not school district interest, not teacher interests, not student interests, but yours!

5. Your Voice for Positive Problem Solving

Many workers are faced with situations they just need help with such as job appeals, insurance issues, or ordinary workplace conflicts. ESEA’s UniServ Directors are trained to work with these issues; and because they work for you and not the school district or teachers, they can often say the difficult things you cannot.

6. Your Voice for Member Control

The driving force behind ESEA is the member. Members manage and run our organization and do it for less than other organizations providing similar services. Our Executive Board consists of members elected from each job family.

7. Your Voice for Professional Development

ESEA conducts training workshops for its members and officers. Topics range from negotiating methods and tactics to helping members handle grievances. These trainings are vital to our Association Representative and Steward programs.

8. Your State Connection

ESEA has an affiliation with the Nevada State Education Association (NSEA). The affiliation with NSEA provides members with a voice at the State Legislature when laws are being discussed and considered that may affect your wages, hours and working conditions.

9. Your National Connection

ESEA has an affiliation with the National Education Association (NEA). The affiliation with NEA provides members with access to the buying power and lobbying power of over 3.2 million members throughout the country**. **ESEA members have access to group rates on insurance plans and buying discounts. The affiliation also means that ESEA members have a voice in the largest professional employees organization in the country. We encourage you to visit their website at

10. Your Opportunity for Leadership

ESEA is always searching for Education Support Professionals who take pride in their work and want to make the lives of their coworkers better. People with ideas and commitment are needed. Committee people are the keystones of our organization. ESEA operates on democratic principles of participation and fairness. ESEA’s officers are elected by the people they represent and serve. If you want to make a difference in your workplace – if you want to be able to vote for the people who speak for you – if you want a voice in your own future – you need to join ESEA.

11. Your Source for Current Benefits

ESEA began representing Classified Professionals in Nevada in 1967. If you enjoy any of the following benefits, chances are that ESEA members and resources were instrumental in winning them: Sick Leave, Vacation Pay, Retirement Programs, Personal Leave, Bereavement Leave, Health Insurance, Short-term Disability, Long-term Disability, Payroll Deductions, and Sick Leave Pool.

12. Your Voice at the Nevada State Legislature

ESEA participates on the NSEA Lobby Team. The lobby team works with the Government Relations Department of NSEA and Paid Lobbyists in order to effectively lobby and advocate for your rights at the State Capitol when changes are being proposed that will negatively affect you in your job and your livelihood.

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  1. In light of Campus Monitors getting raises, Office Managers deserve a raise as well. We do so much in the building and take a lot of crap from admin, staff and parents. We come in early and stay late. Over the past few years our jobs have become a lot more stressful with the additional responsibilities given to us. School health assistants are making 4 ranges higher the us even though they are doing the same exact job then they did prior to their raise. I am banking certified, went to class, and had to take a test and pass before furthering my position. Health assistants aren’t certified and they can not even do feedings on students. So why the huge raise for them? Office Managers are the ones that everyone approaches for everything. We keep schools running, SO WE NEED A RAISE TOO!

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