CCSD’s Mandatory COVID Testing


Important Update on CCSD’s Mandatory COVID Testing Announcement – August 5, 2021

Important Update on CCSD’s Mandatory Testing Announcement – Thursday, August 5, 2021

Thursday, August 5, 2021, the Clark County School District announced new mandatory COVID-19 testing requirements for non-vaccinated employees. To be direct, the District can legally mandate this testing AND they are obligated to pay you for the time it takes to do this testing outside your regular work hours. This includes travel time to the testing facility and home, in some circumstances.

Unfortunately, it appears we will have to use the grievance process in our contract to ensure payment (link). We are attaching a tracking survey (link) we want you to use for each COVID-19 test. You will be paid for this time! Federal law, specifically, the Fair Labor Standards Act, requires these hours be compensated when they are mandated by an employer. Please carefully record your time for each incident of testing outside of your normal work hours.

Demand to Bargain

We have formally requested bargaining of the effects of the District’s unilateral directive.

In Solidarity,

Jan Giles

ESEA President

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