Questions & Answers to common questions about the ESEA.

What is ESEA?

The Education Support Employees Association (ESEA) is the recognized bargaining agent of support professionals in Clark County, Nevada. Whether you're providing safe transportation, clean and well-functioning schools, nutritious meals, assistance in the classroom or a safe and healthy school environment, ESEA is here to make sure that you have a voice on the job. Membership in ESEA guarantees you a voice at all levels of education decision making. As an Education Support Professional, having a "voice" is critical if you are to assert real power and preserve a strong ESEA bargained contract that protects you and your profession every day.

Who's who at ESEA?

ESEA is governed by a Board of Directors who are elected by the membership of the organization. The Officers of the association are the President, Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer. Each job family has a representative (director) that is elected to the Board of Directors by the respective job family.

​Who are the staff members of ESEA? How may they be contacted?

ESEA has a full time staff that are available to assist members with their needs and issues. The ESEA staff are the defenders of the protection and preservation of the collectively bargained agreement (CBA) between ESEA and CCSD. ESEA has an executive director that manages the day to day operations of the office and works directly with the president of the association. ESEA members are provided the rights and ability to meet with a UniServ Director regarding workplace rights and issues when necessary. The ESEA Case Managers are also available to assist members. The ESEA staff works hard to ensure effective and efficient representation and advocacy for our members. To contact staff, call 702-794-2537 between 8:00am and 5:00pm, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays).

How much does it cost to belong to ESEA?

ESEA dues are based on hours and months worked. Full time employees (5.0 hours - 8.0 hours) pay $25.25 per pay period. Part time employees (4.1 hours - 4.9 hours) pay $13.14 per pay period.

What is the Collective Bargain Agreement?

ESEA began meeting with the Clark County School District in 1969 when the Nevada State Legislature placed into law NRS 288. As the exclusive bargaining agent, ESEA meets with CCSD and bargains a contract between the union and the employer. This document determines the wages, hours, working conditions and benefits to the employees of the bargaining unit.

If I receive a discipline meeting notice, or discipline document, what do I do?

Call ESEA immediately! (702) 794-2537. A Case Manager will ask you to fax the notice (or document) to the office (702) 794-2539, so that ESEA is able to coordinate a representative to attend the meeting with you. If there is no representative available on the specified date and time, ESEA will reschedule the meeting in order for you to have representation.

If I'm called into the office by my supervisor, what do I do?

Comply. Never be insubordinate to your supervisor. However, if you feel that the direction of the conversation may lead to a disciplinary action, kindly inform your supervisor that you are invoking your Weingarten Rights. Upon conclusion of the meeting, contact ESEA.

I feel I'm being Harassed. Who do I call?

Harassment is not a grievable offense. Harassment is covered under CCSD Policy 4110. ESEA can assist you in writing a complaint. Contact ESEA.  Employees may also call the CCSD Diversity and Affirmative Action Department at (702) 799-5087.

I was injured on the job, what do I do to receive Worker's Comp?

ESEA does not represent employees with Worker's Compensation claims. Employees must call the CCSD Risk Management Department at (702) 799-0060.

How do I obtain information about Medical Insurance through CCSD?

Employees with questions regarding the health insurance benefits and coverages and providers should call the CCSD Benefits department at (702) 799-5418 or go to www.sierrahealthandlife.com.

How do I determine my hire date or adjusted hire date for seniority?

Employees must contact the CCSD Payroll Department at (702) 799-5351 to receive this information.

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