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Press Release

End of emocha Health Care Check-In

Staff will no longer be required to check in for daily symptom monitoring as of Sept. 26, 2022.
Published: September 23, 2022

Effective Monday, September 26, 2022, staff are not required to utilize the electronic mocha Health check-in for daily symptom monitoring. Staff are required to self monitor any COVID-19 symptoms and contact the Employee Health Line at (702) 799-0298 to report positive COVID-19 test results and answer staff questions. Staff should utilize the Daily Well Check or the Southern Nevada Health District (SNHD) Reminders for this process. Additional reference material is available at SNHD Information regarding when to stay home if there are COVID-19 symptoms.

Staff will be informed via Clark County School District (CCSD) Gmail in the event they are identified as a close contact to an individual with a confirmed COVID-19 positive test result.

emocha Health Dashboard

Effective Monday, September 26, 2022, dashboard users are not required to monitor the mocha Health dashboard for their site. Any concerns regarding staff who are ill and on campus should be directed by the site administrator to the Employee Health Department Administrator for follow-up.

Over-the-Counter COVID-19 Testing Kits

Over-the-Counter (OTC) COVID-19 test kits are available at all CCSD schools and central office locations for staff to select to take home and use when/if they display COVID-19 symptoms. If sites are in need of additional OTC test kits, please contact the Employee Occupational Health Department at (702) 799-2702 to request an additional supply.

Important Reminders

  • OTC COVID-19 test kits must be stored in the proper room temperature conditions (2-30°C or 35.6-86°F).
  • OTC COVID-19 test kits are intended only as take-home tests.
  • OTC COVID-19 test kits are not to be administered by any CCSD personnel on any CCSD campus.
  • Each OTC COVID-19 test kit contains two tests; they are not to be split between two staff members.
  • Staff may obtain one OTC COVID-19 test kit each.

District COVID-19 Testing Sites

Staff with COVID-19 symptoms may choose to test at any CLIA Testing Location. Non-symptomatic COVID-19 testing is also available at Static Testing Locations. Additionally, SNHD Vaccination Sites are available to all staff.

Additional Details

Current protocols, without mocha Health, sustain and fulfill the expectations of SNHD and the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services for mitigation efforts against COVID-19 and all other communicable diseases.

In the event CCSD experiences high COVID-19 community levels, required randomized mandatory testing will be conducted and employees will be notified through CCSD Gmail.

Contact Information

For additional information, please contact Diane Lewis, executive director, Employee and Student Health Services, Inclusive Schools at (702) 799-0812 or [email protected] or Jennifer Budzinski, director, Employee Occupational Health, at (702) 799-2702 or [email protected].


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