ESEA has been working very hard to find more and more discounts for you and your family. We encourage you to keep checking this page as we will continue to add more discounts as they are found.

Member Benefits

NSEA Member Benefits Your membership gives you access to exclusive programs that can help you achieve your personal and financial […] Learn More

Discount Programs

T-Mobile ESEA members can receive a $10/mo. discount on Magenta Plus Family Plans with premium features like Netflix, international texting […] Learn More

Supplemental Benefits

Learn about other wonderful benefits offered to ESEA Members such as Colonial Life and Fidelity Assurance Company…

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Complimentary Life Insurance

There are a plethora of complimentary life insurances offered to ESEA members. Take a look at a few…

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Member Assistance

NEA Member Benefits Offers Assistance to Members Facing Job Loss and Salary Cuts As the country’s economy makes a tentative […] Learn More

ESEA / NSEA Legal Services Program

Being a member provides you with legal services that non members do not get. Please review the Employment Liability Program […] Learn More

Public Employees Retirement System (PERS)

Do you need information on your PERS? If so, you can contact them at: Public Retirement Systems Of Nevada 693 […] Learn More