ESEA Contract & Bylaws

Are you unsure of your contract or bylaws? Don’t worry, we have them right here for you, take a look.

Your Contract

Download 2023-2025 Contract

12 Month Employees MOA

Provision of Improved Services MOA


AB469 MOA 7.21.22

Bus Drivers MOA 6.23.22

Language Correction MOA 6.23.22

$4500 Retention Bonus MOA 6.9.22

Correction to Pay MOA 4.7.22

Pay Grade Scale

2019-2021 MOA

2021 Reopening MOA

COVID Sick Pool Extension MOA


Download Bylaws

3 thoughts on “Your Contract & Bylaws

  1. Question….how many days are on contract for 9 months? 10 months? and 11 months?
    we were wondering about the amount of days

  2. If ESEA really wants to support us, how about making sure CCSD follows through on terms of our contract? I got a salary increase but no step increase. According to CCSD, I get the step increase when I’m due for it–March, 2024. Well, duh, what kind of increase is that? I’m due for it!!!Your organization loves to crow about all you do for us, how about you follow through and stop gaslighting us!

  3. Why is this website so behind? There is NO updated information. Just OLD information. Our updated and new contract hasn’t even been loaded. Come on! You want more members but you can’t maintain anything properly that would entice someone to join. Have you ever answered the previous Questions? I see no reply!

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